Roy Bixler's photos of Zermatt, Switzerland

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My stay in Zermatt was mostly in search of the much touted Matterhorn. However, it snowed probably 9 inches while I was there, it was mostly cloudy and I almost did not see it at all. This first set of pictures is from taking the lift as far as I could to Furst and hoping for a break in the clouds. At the time, I thought the last pictures in this set were of the Matterhorn but I soon found that they are not.

Finally, in the evening, I overheard some people talking about the Matterhorn. I looked where they were looking and finally saw it peaking out from the clouds.

The tip
A bit more

The next day again got off to a snowy start. Once again, the Matterhorn was nowhere to be seen. I got a bit of hiking in and otherwise walked about the town.

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Created: 26 April 2005
Modified: 16 February 2007