Roy Bixler's photos of Luzern, Switzerland

Most of the pictures below are actually of Mt. Pilatus, which is above Luzern. Unfortunately, most of my pictures of the city got lost due to unintentional double exposure of the film. A few evening pictures of the city are at the bottom of the page.

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Bird perch
Bird flight
Lonely view
Onward and downward
Rooftop perch
At cloud level
Developed mountaintop
Mountaintop church
Cloudy view
The way down
Down -- a leap of faith
Hike rest of the way down
Mountain stream
Stream and woods
At waterfront
Figure atop city wall
Walltop view in evening
Lion of Luzern
(double exposed)
old bridge
(double exposed)

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Created: 28 April 2005
Modified: 16 February 2007